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Escrow consists of the performance of the many functions undertaken to quickly and safely close your real estate transaction. These functions include protecting the seller’s title until all terms are completed. The buyer’s deposit is also kept secure (in trust) until property transfer is finalized. In essence, escrow provides a central location where all funds and documents can be deposited until disbursement.

  • Aspen Title Escrow Services. We serve as an independent third party who can perform escrow services impartially, protecting both the buyer and the seller. We also act on both their behalves in interactions with lenders, agents, brokers, attorneys and other parties involved in the transaction.

  • Aspen Title Escrow Officers. Our escrow officers are responsible for the final settlement between buyers and sellers. They also administer the recording of required documents, payoffs of existing liens or mortgages and the proration of real property taxes, lease rents, maintenance fees, and any property expenses to assure accurate, complete closings.

  • Permanent Transaction Record. One of the most important things we do is provide a lasting record establishing terms and conditions of the transaction to be made available, if needed, in the future.

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